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"Is your name Heather?"

March 29, 2017

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"Is your name Heather?"

March 29, 2017


Oh, the question I get asked over and over again at events. The answer: No! My name is Molly but I named HEATHERLY after my mom, Heather Lee


My mom and dad passed away in a car accident when I was 3 years old. My sister and I were raised by our grandmother, Yah. The entrepreneurial queen of Huntersville. I'm confident I could have run a full fledged business by the age of 10. Ha! 

The second most asked question is where did I learn to make jewelry? Most people assume I majored in Jewelry Making in college. OMG, no! I'm a Psychology major. I didn't even realize that was offered at ECU. 


I was 8 years old. My family had just started a salsa business, Yah's Best Products, and I found myself bored to DEATH selling salsa at a small farmer's market in Huntersville. After my younger sister and I had pestered Yah (my grandmother) to no end, we tried to befriend the girl who was selling beside us. She was selling jewelry beside her mom who sold produce. At the time I thought she was 16, but I really have no idea how old she was. For some unknown reason, she decided to teach my sister and I how to make jewelry. 


Doodlebug Jewelry was born. My sister and I sold jewelry out at the farmer's market for a little while. Then Yah's Best Products moved on to the bigger and better, Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market. Doodlebug Jewelry wasn't allowed. Little did they know, they were missing out on some KILLER toggle clasp jewelry. Oh well, we moved on.

Fast forward 13 years, I was 21 and I started making jewelry again. For myself. 


Then, girls in my college classes started buying the jewelry I was wearing to class. And placing orders. 


The entrepreneurial queen caught wind of this. Yah immediately suggested that I start selling my jewelry. It only seemed appropriate to name my jewelry after my mom. 


Here I am. I'm almost 23 (omg) and I make jewelry (and I'm a Realtor). I always knew my life would be sparkly, but I didn't realize how literal that would come to be. I mean, my business cards are gold.







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